Hiring Process When Working with a Recruitment Agency

Hiring a Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency is an external firm that helps to match companies or employers with the right employees. The sole purpose of an agency is to do the hard work of hiring for clients, which involves searching and finding suitable candidates for a position of employment. Hiring a recruitment agency benefits all businesses looking to hire the best employee for the role. A recruitment agency is fundamental in strategically connecting employers with the right person for the job, and therefore, limiting the time, effort, and resources required for a company to do it on their own.

At TIS Personnel, we believe in the benefits of linking employees with the ideal options. Our company focuses on specific industries such as warehousing, logistics, office staffing, and the industrial workforce. We pride ourselves on solving and simplifying the issues that many businesses face in the recruitment process.

What Is the Initial Process for Employers?

For small and medium-sized businesses hiring a recruitment agency, there will be an onboarding process. We will arrange a meeting to ensure that TIS Personnel understands exactly what a prospective client is seeking. During this session, we’ll discuss the company, its goals, the role, and the type of candidate we will be looking for.

After the meeting, we’ll have a clear picture of the number of employees needed, the sort of work, the qualifications required, and the duration of employment. TIS Personnel will access its database to evaluate current links and contacts who can successfully satisfy the job requirements. Recruitment professionals will pre-screen candidates, to verify that their skills, experience, and knowledge qualify them for the position and the employer. TIS Personnel conducts a complete interview before the chosen candidates are sent to the employer to be interviewed or evaluated on their terms.

What Happens When an Employer Approves the Candidate?

After interviews have been completed, and the client has determined that the candidate is ideal for the position, they are hired. The new employee will be working  at our client facility as an employee of TIS Personnel who will be responsible for all direct and indirect payrolling expenses such us government remittances, employment insurance, etc..

Once the employee has completed their role with the company under the specified time frame, the client can then decide to hire the employee full time or end the existing work contract. If full-time employment is chosen, the client can then bring the employee onto their payroll system, ensuring that the person is paid solely under the client’s business.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Recruitment Agency?

With a recruitment agency, benefits are plenty. Our clients can expect the following advantages:

Quicker Hiring Process

Employers avoid the tedious and bothersome task of having to find talent. As opposed to your management team sifting through various candidates to find the right one, TIS Personnel takes on this responsibility. The amount of work that needs to be exercised by our clients during the employment process is severely limited. We expedite the recruitment process and ensure that the client fills an open position promptly.  

Reduced Costs

Another advantage of a recruitment agency is lower operating costs as fewer resources are used to find and acquire the ideal candidate. Similarly, with a recruitment agency behaving as a liaison between employers and qualified candidates, a business can focus on other relevant tasks until a suitable candidate can be interviewed. The re-direction of tasks encourages concentration on additional responsibilities and helps to increase productivity.

Database of Qualified Workers

A recruitment agency can enrich the workplace by bringing valuable resources to the organization. Recruitment agencies are recognized for their direct connections with top talent within the industry. They can actively seek and attract individuals that may not be currently looking for a new position of employment but have skills that match the job description.

Advanced Job Market Insight

Recruitment agencies have considerable job market insight. For example, they can recommend appropriate interview questions or advise on standard salaries.

TIS Personnel Services – A Beneficial Partner for Hiring Executives

Our team of recruitment specialists is committed to providing unique business services to companies in a variety of industries. If you are looking for a recruitment agency in Montréal, contact TIS Personnel Services today. Connect with us and see how we can make a positive impact on your company by improving its recruitment strategies and limiting the pressure of finding the ideal employee.  




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