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Industrial Staffing Recruitment Agency in Montreal

Sourcing, hiring, and onboarding an employee – or multiple employees – can be a stressful and challenging situation, made worse if that employee ends up being the wrong fit for your business’s unique requirements and needs.

If you are a logistics manager, warehouse manager, or HR manager in an industrial business in Montreal or the surrounding areas, TIS Personnel is here for you. We are a dedicated recruitment agency working solely in the industrial industry. Since 1974, we have helped many businesses in the area fill in the gaps in their workforce and even find best-in-class recruits that they have later hired.

Your Partners in Recruitment

As a staffing agency, TIS Personnel works hard to help businesses through hiring challenges. There are many reasons why your business requires an influx of employees, including:

  1. The need to ramp-up your production for a busy time of the year.
  2. You want to grow your team to meet the requirements and fill an ongoing contract.
  3. You need to replace staff that left quickly or unexpectedly.

No matter why you are looking for dependable recruits to fill in positions, TIS Personnel has anywhere from 300 to 500 personnel employed in the Montreal area on any given week, meaning that we get the job done. With an extensive database of over 5000 people that is always growing, we offer our clients with recruits that understand their business, their industry, and their needs.

Why Partner with TIS Personnel for Your Staffing Needs?

Industrial companies of all sizes continue to partner with our experts at TIS Personnel for a variety of reasons. First of all, our dedicated account managers do all that they can to ensure that you receive high-quality service from qualified employees matched to your needs.


We work to find you a reliable and qualified people for the job period promptly. This quick turnover rate means that when you need a top-notch employee on a critical job unexpectedly, we will be able to help you fill the position in a prompt manner. This allows you with greater flexibility, as we recognize that filling these positions as quickly as possible is vital to your overall business success.


If you are worried that your employee will not be able to locate your building easily or get to the job site on time, we have a dedicated fleet of vans that work to make sure workers arrive at your office, warehouse, or other place of business exactly when you need them.


TIS Personnel is proud to say that we provide our clients with an attestation that all of our recruits and employees are covered by CNESST (Quebec Worker Safety Board). This means that we deduct and remit all applicable government remittances so that you do not have to. Additionally, you and your business are protected and will not be penalized with unexpected fines, back-taxes, or surprises down the road.

Industrial Staffing Recruitment Agency in Montreal

Our Promise to Our Clients

Have you come to rely on the skills, knowledge, and work ethic of one of our recruits? If you are interested in hiring them after their term with you, you can hire them at no additional charge. Not only is this a cost-effective option for you without the need for extensive training or onboarding, but the employee already knows how your business operates and is dedicated to helping it grow.


The TIS Personnel Guarantee: If you are not happy with the staff member, or the employee we sent you is not up to the task, we will happily replace that person free of charge.

TIS Personnel is ready to become your recruitment partner to help you scale up your operation quickly. If you need any more information or have questions for our recruitment experts, contact us today.




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