Advantages of Using a Recruitment Agency to Find Staff for the Industrial Sector

If you’re struggling to recruit for your transportation, logistics, warehouse, distribution or manufacturing business, consider using a recruitment agency.  Here are some advantages of using a staffing agency instead of trying to find candidates independently.

Qualified, Available, Pre-Screened Candidates

When you use a recruitment agency, you’re statistically more likely to access the best workers on the market, and hire qualified candidates faster. We’re able to broaden our talent pool by:

  • Registering active and passive job seekers with our agency
  • Placing opportunities on a wide range of job boards
  • Organizing candidates based on skills needed for all types of industrial jobs
  • Professionally assessing and vetting candidates based on job descriptions
  • Having direct access to workers interested in temporary, seasonal or short-term projects

Temporary workers available through Industrial Staffing and Recruitment agencies have been given the chance to learn the methods, processes and the daily activities of their previous employers before they are given a permanent position. A recruiting agency brings in knowledge of specialized skills, niche job boards and unique sourcing methods to help streamline the hiring process and ensure that the best candidates are interviewed for the available role.

Industry Knowledge and Experience

Agencies are better able to supply qualified workers by working with clients and gaining an intimate knowledge of the work to be done. At TIS Personnel Services, we offer  Warehouse and Distribution and Administration Consulting and visit the worksite to get a clear scope of work, build relationships, and guide you in your day-to-day logistics and processes.

Recruiters also give hiring teams or business owners regular insight into what is happening in the industry. Our reliable placement agency in Montreal will help you understand:

  • Competitive salary rates
  • Employee expectations
  • Modern hiring complexities
  • Needed skill sets and job availabilities
  • How to attract the best talent

Not all recruiters are specialized in recruiting for a certain industry, role or level. Our staffing agency in Montreal has better knowledge and a deeper understanding of industrial job market segments in and around Montreal. As a result, we can provide your Montreal business with valuable insight and useful advice that can help you hire better candidates. 

TIS Personnel Can Handle Your Recruiting Challenges

At TIS Personnel, we can help you gain an advantage in hiring qualified workers quickly and easily.

Our Montreal-based staffing agency will work with you to understand your unique business needs, and then help you overcome your current staffing challenges.

At TIS Personnel, we understand that you need qualified and reliable professionals for these important industrial jobs, so we work hard to carefully match someone from our extensive candidate database of over 10,000 people with your unique needs.

Partner with the staffing agency in Montreal  who knows your unique business needs and will work closely with you to overcome your current staffing challenges. Contact us today to find the right people to help you grow your team or ramp up your existing business operations.




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