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At TIS Personnel, our clients are our top priority. We are constantly enhancing our services in helping our customers optimize their business and lower overall costs, saving them time and giving them peace of mind.

Since 1974, TIS Personnel Services has helped both operations and warehouse managers uncover methods to increase their ROI (Return on investment) through improved systems, whether that means making small changes to the existing manual process or investing in future-forward automated solutions..


As a Montreal-based company, TIS Personnel Services understands that innovation and growth are the key to your success. That is why we are proud to offer warehouse and distribution consulting services, designed to help managers identify areas of their current operations that can be streamlined to increase efficiency and level-up their company’s logistical processes.

Our dedicated team of professionals will move your warehouse or distribution centre forward.


Warehouse and Distribution Consulting Services

Our warehousing and distribution consulting services are designed to help operations managers keep up with growing demands, identify deficiencies in their processes, and fill their expanding labour needs during peak seasons or times of business growth, all while maintaining their ability to hit their budget targets.

TIS Personnel is here to help businesses looking to increase the overall productivity of their distribution centres or warehouses in the Montreal area. We work closely with our clients on developing a step-by-step plan that is geared to helping their businesses meet growing demands.

Through a thorough assessment of the existing systems, programs, and inventory processes of the distribution centre or warehouse space, we utilize current industry best practices to help streamline logistics and staffing so that operational managers can gain control of their distribution and inventory forecasts.

Logistics and Warehouse Staffing Recruitment Agency in Montreal

Why Work with TIS Personnel Professionals?

The staffing and consulting professionals at TIS Personnel work closely with operations and warehouse managers to support and improve the output of their warehouse and distribution business through careful planning and top-notch solutions.

Our warehouse and distribution consulting services use a variety of future-forward solutions to level-up logistics, including:


  • Optimizing distribution capacities and costs by improving process flow, eliminating unnecessary activities, and utilizing current WMS (Warehouse Management System) more effectively
  • Incorporating distribution capabilities and flexibilities in a way that meets operational requirements with the right systems and processes
  • Identifying areas for operational advancements, including assessing whether new technologies or automation are necessary for improved customer service and decreased costs
  • Forecasting future use and design requirements based on the unique customer profile, product line, and growth expectations


With in-depth analysis, interviews, and high-quality follow-ups, TIS Personnel Services is a leading choice for best-in-class warehouse and distribution consulting services.

We recognize the importance of streamlining your processes and having the right help in your corner. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your operations.



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