Industrial Staffing Recruitment Agency in Montreal


Industrial Staffing Recruitment Agency in Montreal

Is your company in the middle of unprecedented growth? Do you need a team of reliable staff members to add to an overworked department? No matter your staffing issues, we are here to help you find employees with the skill set and qualifications you are looking for.

Since 1974, TIS Personnel has been the go-to recruitment partner for countless organizations in Montreal and the surrounding areas. We are a staffing agency specializing in manufacturing, transport and logistics, warehousing, distribution, and office staffing needs.

We are the experts in helping organizations like yours quickly and seamlessly find the qualified staff needed to save you time and money to streamline your operations.

Dedicated Account Managers

Your business deserves to have a recruitment professional that is accountable for all of your recruitment needs. That is why at TIS Personnel, we designate one dedicated account manager to oversee all hiring and staffing solutions for your unique business.

Our account managers are experts in the industrial workforce and have a well-rounded understanding of the specific skill set, and expertise recruits need to align with your organization.

Industrial Staffing Recruitment Agency in Montreal

Staffing Services When You Need Them Most

With an extensive database of 5000 qualified recruits, we actively employ between 300 and 500 people each and every week. TIS Personnel has a 90% fill rate, with responsive staffing services when you need recruitment assistance the most. We are also proud to provide:

Industrial Staffing Services:
Are you looking for qualified and responsible temporary staff members to fill a gap in your industrial-based business? We proudly provide industrial staffing services to businesses all over Montreal and the surrounding areas, including Laval, South Shore, and West Island.


Office Staffing Services:
The office of your warehouse or distribution center is a big place that requires unique attention to detail and dedication to excellence. That is why we send out best recruits to businesses around Montreal when industrial organizations require our best-in-class office staffing services.


Payroll and Beyond

For HR managers, completing the payroll for your existing employees can be enough of a challenge, never mind having to account for an influx of temporary staff from an external agency. That is why TIS Personnel takes care of payroll services for you. From onboarding to regular payroll, to government remittances, we take care of all payroll services, so that you don’t have to.

When we provide you with a qualified staff member, we want to do all that we can to ensure that they are able to make it to your place of business on time and ready to get started. Our dedicated fleet of vans operates to do just that by taking your employee to your job site, office, or place of business in a timely fashion.

If you are looking for premium office or industrial staffing services for your Montreal-based business, partner with TIS Personnel by calling us today.



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