Turnkey Management and employee Services

As a new alternative to our clients, TIS offers the "turnkey" management and employment services. This allows our clients the freedom to concentrate their time and efforts on business promotion and development, while we execute all personnel management and related administrative duties.

TIS also assume the responsibility of fully staffing the client with qualified manpower and personnel, (supervisors, foremen, full-time and temporary office and industrial employees) while retaining them on TIS payrolls. With the "turnkey" service all chosen employees become the full responsibility of TIS, as do all pertinent labor relations.
The client can select one of two cost effective pay structures.

1. A fixed weekly rate in addition to the employee's salaries and fringe costs.

2. An agreed upon hourly service rate applied to every hour worked by an employee in addition to salaries and fringe costs.

The weekly rate can vary dependant on the number of employees and the terms and conditions agreed upon.